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Our specialty is assisting business growth and developing human capital through intelligent and tailored solutions

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We are with you on the path of implementing your strategies through OKRs (Objectives and Key Results)

We will provide you with a simple method for strategy execution, transforming complex concepts into a straightforward and actionable plan.

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"Intelligent and tailored solutions for developing human capital and business growth."

Rira Company is comprised of experienced human resources specialists and business consultants, aiming to deliver optimal performance in the development of various businesses. Our professional team’s services create the highest value in business development and human resource growth. The utilization of Rira’s services and platforms is not limited to a specific group of individuals or businesses. All private and public companies, organizations, universities, and educational institutions that recognize the importance of training and human resource management can benefit from Rira’s solutions. Rira’s platforms provide an engineered approach to strategic management, human resources, and training, enabling efficiency in your resources and delivering the maximum benefit and results.

the field of strategy

Strategy and OKR management
Organization and employee evaluation
Performance management

The field of education

Providing educational content
Customized educational content production
Offering educational platforms
Organizational training management

The field of Human Resources (HR)

Job description, organizational chart, individual development plan, career path, job classification, salary and wages, attendance and leave management, benefits and compensation services, recruitment management, designing entry packages, workforce planning, appreciation process, personal profiles, management reports and dashboards, contract and provisions arrangement, creativity and knowledge management.

Benefits of using modern training methods

Eliminating geographical and time constraints

E-learning provides access to and utilization of educational resources from anywhere and at any time.

Capital saving

E-learning is more cost-effective than traditional learning methods as it eliminates expenses related to commuting, accommodation, and other associated costs.

Personalization of training

Learners can manage their own progression and increase the quality of their education by having the ability to customize the order and pace of their learning, alongside accessing a wide variety of training courses.

Adaptive learning

Professional e-learning courses provide you with reports that keep you informed about statistics, figures, and learner progress. This capability helps trainers and organizations identify strengths and weaknesses in the course and provide more targeted and effective support.

Improving the quality and continuous training

Easy access for learners to courses and the ability to review them, offering supplementary courses, and more, will contribute to the continuous skill and knowledge growth of learners over time.