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Exclusive Advantages of Rira

The most important achievement of this diligent and creative team is the satisfaction of Rira's customers and platform users.

Rira platforms are designed and localized based on state-of-the-art educational methodologies, and all customers benefit from their unique features. The independence of Rira platforms from external technologies and systems, as well as the maintenance and deployment of Rira platforms on internal servers or even customer servers, enhances confidence in these systems and provides complete assurance to customers regarding data security concerns.


Providing intelligent and tailored solutions for the development of human capital and the growth of your business is our specialty.


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ریرا آکادمی


Academy Platform

The Academy Platform is designed for conducting training courses for employees within an organization. It offers the following features:

  1. Content Delivery in various formats
  2. Ability to define user assessment structures
  3. Certificate issuance
  4. Online payment capabilities
  5. Dashboard and management reports
  6. Mobile version

The system provides a comprehensive platform for delivering training, managing assessments, issuing certificates, facilitating online payments, and offering mobile accessibility.

lms-مدیریت یادگیری- سامانه- پلتفرم- ریرا


Rira's LMS Platform

This system provides the necessary infrastructure for an e-learning platform, similar to a virtual university. Its features include:

  1. Course definition in terms of terms and modules
  2. Retrieval of basic information, courses, and users
  3. Resources, assignments, exams, and more
  4. Dashboard and management reports
  5. Monitoring and evaluation capabilities for courses
  6. Gamification modules
  7. Ability to conduct live video classes

The system enables the creation and management of online courses, including course structure, content delivery, assignments, assessments, and interactive features such as gamification. It also facilitates online video classes for synchronous learning experiences.

آرمان ریرا- موکس


Rira MOOCS Platfrom

This system aims to provide online educational courses and facilitate interactive participation on a wide scale with broad accessibility.

  • Definition of various educational content
  • Resources, assignments, exams, etc.
  • Ability to define user assessment structures
  • Certificate issuance
  • Gamification modules
  • Course definition in terms of terms and sessions
  • Retrieval of basic information, courses, and users
  • Dashboard and management reports
  • Capability for conducting online video classes.

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